Zootopia+ Stars Bonnie Hunt and Don Lake Speak Out About Their Return (Exclusive)

For the new Zootopia+ series on… well, Disney+, Walt Disney Animation Studios found a way to return to the world of the Oscar-winning film, just not as fans might have expected. Featuring a series of standalone episodes that follow specific characters, the new show actually takes place during the events of the movie, filling in the gaps about what some of the animals were doing when they weren’t on screen. Speaking to ComicBook.com in an exclusive interview, stars Bonnie Hunt and Don Lake, who play Judy Hopps’ parents, Bonnie and Stu, opened up about returning to their roles six years later, all the while pretending no time had passed. . not at all.

“I think when Don and I met in the theater years ago, we were able to do film, television, radio and this voice work together, it’s exactly where we left off,” Hunt said. “So that’s kind of who we are, as friends and as creative collaborators. So no, no, no problem. And it’s just so nice when someone asks you to collaborate.”

Lake added: “Yeah, you’re just so excited, there’s no downside at all. You pick up exactly like Bonnie said, you pick up where you left off like old friends do when they get back together and chat, you know , it’s like no time has passed and then we love the characters so much and the way they are and are married is so much fun for us and all these kids, it’s amazing.

zootopia+ is directed by Trent Correy and Josie Trinidad, who were both involved in the original film – Correy as an animator and Trinidad as a writer. The six-episode anthology series follows various inhabitants of the zootopia world, including Flash the Sloth, Fru, Gazzel’s backup dancers, and more. However, some characters didn’t make it despite the best intentions of the show’s creators

“We kept trying to find a place for Finnick and it just never happened… we had him in a few scenes here and there and it never worked out,” Correy told us in another interview. “That comes to mind.”

“You know, developing the Flash episode, the sloth episode, there was a point where it was a cooking show with Yax from the Mystic Springs Oasis,” Trinidad said. “I wish we’d found a way to sneak Yax in there too. That would have been nice.’

zootopia+ is now streaming on Disney+.

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