Zilu returns to social media with a swollen face and explains why

Businesswoman revealed she had surgery and celebrated being visited by her son, Igor Ci, in the US

Play/Instagram/zilucamargooficialZilu Godoi celebrated that her son, Igor Ci, went to visit her in the US

the businesswoman Zilu Godoi returned to social media last Thursday, the 24th, explaining to her followers why she was missing. Singer’s ex-wife Zeze di Camargo he also talked about the apparent swelling in his face. “Many people ask why I am missing in stories and pictures. My beloved, I have had minor wisdom tooth surgery. And isn’t it true that the crowds here make me more swollen than you can imagine?! But do you want to know what really matters? It’s happiness that doesn’t fit in my chest,” she wrote in an Instagram post. Zilu said the reason for her happiness is that her son, Igor Ci, and her daughter-in-law, Amabylle, are at her home in Orlando, USA. She showed that she was celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with her family and also watching Brazil’s first game world cup from Qatar. “With companies that I love so much! That’s why I decided to share this very special moment with you, totally detached whether I look good in the picture or not, because what really matters is this deep-rooted love that only mothers will understand,” the businesswoman stated. The actress Camilla Camargo, daughter of Zilu, commented on the post: “It’s about being healthy and happy! I love you so much”.

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