Yellowstone Star was killed to focus on the mayor of Kingstown

Fans of Taylor Sheridan’s multiple TV shows are well aware that he enjoys working with the same people. Prior to the hit’s release Paramount+ series Mayor of KingstonSheridan had turned on his Wind river star Hugh Dillon to join the cast of Yellowstone as Sheriff Donnie Haskell, but when their show starring Jeremy Renner was finally picked up to series, it meant his time on the Kevin Costner hit had to come to an end. Speaking to in an exclusive interview, Dillon was quick to confirm that his death was in progress Yellowstone was a necessity because of the speed with which development progressed Mayor of Kingston.

“That was the case,” Dillon said when we asked if he was killed for that reason Mayor of Kingston. “I’ve worked with Taylor (Sheridan) my whole career, but you know, he got me to work with Rener. Wind river. We were shooting in Utah and then he said, ‘Come on and work Yellowstonewe have not sold mayor, but we will.’ He kept, you know, reassuring me, “We’re going to sell it, we’ll get there.” And I’m like, ‘It’s been 10 years, dude, but whatever.'”

Dillon continued, “And then on the day he said, ‘Okay, we sold mayor, you are going to learn how to produce it. You have to listen to me, you have to trust me and I’m here.’ And he says, ‘And I registered you an honorable death Yellowstone and then you go right in mayor.’ And this was during the pandemic. So he said, you have to drive to Texas now, I don’t want to hear anything but the sound of the engine. And you call me from your car.” I’m like, I do it, drove to Texas, we wrote the rest of mayor and we pre-shot that death scene Yellowstone and then I was producing and it’s just been a blur ever since.

Season two of Mayor of Kingstown, which also stars Dillon onscreen as Detective Ian Ferguson, premieres January 15 on Paramount+. “We had 10 years to build it. So yes, we have a big plan for the future.”

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