Yellowstone Star says we’ll see a different side of Beth in Season 5

Dutton is going to undergo some changes in the new season of Yellowstone. The beloved character is now stepping into politics, thanks to John’s election as governor of Montana, but the future of Season 5 brings other challenges for Beth’s character. She will have to “wrestle” her way out of some tough situations, according to star Kelly Reilly, giving audiences a chance to see Beth without her usual level of power or control.

“This season we start with the world of dad becoming governor and Beth reluctantly becoming chief of staff. And to see how Beth handles that is fun,” Reilly shared. Yahoo about season 5.. “And Beth gets into a situation that’s not her best self. And we see Beth wriggling her way out of some things, which I don’t think we’ve seen before”. We always see Beth winning. There’s an unraveling this season, which was a lot of fun to play because it’s unsustainable. And to see the cracks, that’s what I’m interested in. And then you see her doubling again in that fierceness. And she really feels like a wild animal sometimes and so in touch with that primal instinct. She’s the one who says, “Kill or be killed.” She really has that mentality of a warrior in battle. There is so much at stake for her and it is very black or white whose side you are on. That’s all right.’

“And later in the season I get to switch things up a bit or maybe she can experience what life could be like if things were simpler and what happiness could be for her,” she added.

Reilly went on to say that Beth’s story in season 5 is one of her favorite stories she’s had the pleasure of experiencing since she was on Yellowstoneespecially since it involves more of her character on the ranch.

“I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s really my favorite things I’ve shot on the show so far, because I can take off my suit and heels and actually put on my chaps and go out and get really dirty under my nails,” Reilly continued. And that’s a lot of fun and it’s going to be something she really, really enjoys.”

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