Yellowstone fan favorite looks unrecognizable in new photo

It can be hard for celebrities to go out in the world without being held back – something that’s especially true when the star of one of TV’s biggest hits is somewhere as public as Walt Disney World. But Cole Hauser, who plays Rip Wheeler, continues Yellowstone, seems to have nailed it. After posting a family photo on Instagram earlier this week, he was inundated with comments from fans saying they would never have recognized him after he traded in his cowboy hat and thick beard for a baseball cap and lighter facial hair.

The actor naturally has lighter hair than his character, which gives him a natural camouflage. But even in a more general sense, his character’s signature look doesn’t match what you see when Hauser just looks like an ordinary dad with his wife and kids.

You can see his message below.

“Rip on vacation from the dreaded black dye – I’m sure your family will be glad to have their ginger back home,” one commenter quipped.

“You definitely fit in so you can really enjoy your holiday without fans bugging you,” added another. “Have fun sir.”

Despite becoming the most famous YellowstoneHauser has worked in Hollywood for decades and has worked in a number of major projects, making him a fairly recognizable face (or so you would think). Past projects include Dazed and confused, Good Will Hunting, Pitch-black, 2 Fast 2 Furious, The break up, A good day to die hardand Olympus has fallen.

Yellowstone is currently in its fifth season and the star of the show, Kevin Costner, just won the Best Actor in a Television Series – Drama award at the Golden Globes. In a recent interview, Hauser said so Yellowstone is expected to last at least another two seasons.

“I can tell you there will be [season] six and [there] will be seventh, that’s all I can say,” Hauser said ET. “That’s all I can tell you.” When asked if he could share any more details, the actor added, “No, I’d like to get it out with the fans. It’ll be a surprise.”

Yellowstone revolves around the Dutton family, owners of the largest ranch in Montana, the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, commonly referred to as “the Yellowstone”. The plot revolves around family drama on the ranch and adjacent Broken Rock Indian Reservation, Yellowstone National Park, and developers.

Paramount property Yellowstone currently streaming on Peacock, thanks to a streaming deal that was made before Paramount+ was rebranded and before Yellowstone was a mega hit. Yellowstone spin-offs, however, are exclusive to Paramount+ inclusive 1883 and 1923.

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