Yellowstone Episode 3 ends with a shocking cliffhanger for Beth Dutton

Beth Dutton always likes to be in control of any situation. No matter how much chaos it takes, Beth will find a way to turn things around in her favor. Only a few episodes in YellowstoneIn the fifth season of the fifth season, Beth was at the center of all deals and politics, acting as chief of staff to her father, the newly elected governor of Montana. Unfortunately for Beth, her positive momentum was cut short at the end of Sunday night’s episode and she’s having serious trouble moving forward.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for the final episode of Yellowstone! Read on at your own risk…

In the final moments of the third episode of Yellowstone Season 5, “Tall Drink of Water”, Beth Dutton is arrested. Surprisingly, however, the arrest is not linked to Beth’s harassing or possibly illegal business dealings. She starts a bar fight in Bozeman. Montana, assaulting another woman in the process.

The new episode takes place on Lloyd’s birthday, and after taking a huge win on Market Equities earlier in the day, Beth wants to celebrate with the ranch hands. She insists they all go to a bar, despite Rip saying it’s a bad idea (which turns out to be somewhat of a foreshadowing).

A woman attacks Rip at the bar and insists when he says he is married. She claims her husband is in Sacramento and asks where his wife is. The woman approaches Beth, who promptly smashes a beer bottle over her head, sending the entire bar into a brawl. Security guards intervene at one point, putting Beth in a chokehold as the fight continues.

Outside, in the final scene of the episode, the new sheriff talks to Rip about the events. He states that Beth has been put in a stranglehold and reminds the sheriff of what Beth does for a living. The sheriff releases everyone else without issue, but tells him to take Beth in for breaking the bottle over the other woman’s head. The woman insists she is going to press charges and the episode ends with Beth reading her Miranda rights and being taken away by the police.

There’s no telling yet how this will affect the politics of John or Beth’s new land deals. That said, there’s no way to make it any good. Beth faces serious problems in the future.

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