Yasmin Brunet says she has been a victim of intimidation in Formula 1: ‘increasingly traumatized’

Model said on social media GP Interlagos employees were not supportive: ‘Security must have believed in him’

Reproduction/Instagram/@yasminbrunetYasmin Brunet turned 13 last Sunday. at the Interlagos GP

The model Yasmin Brunet used social media to report a case of Harassment at the Grand Prix of the Autodromo de interlagosin So Paulo🇧🇷 The influencer said she was traumatized by the situation and revealed that the guards who attended the event formula 1 help refused. “Being a woman is a daily ordeal. Harassed again and you know what the guy says to the security of the place? That I’m drunk, that I’m making it up… Everyone’s seen it and he has the nerve to lie like that. Hold on not to cry with hate for being in this situation again,” he said. “I honestly feel more and more traumatized when men come to talk to me about these situations. A man will never know what it is like to be a woman if we feel like a thing, an object, a piece of flesh laid on the earth for their pleasure. disgusted. Do you know what happened? The man remained in place. Security did nothing. You must have believed in them, right, because they are men.” The actress revealed that she has saved images of the perpetrator that prove the accusation.

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