X-Men star James McAvoy dance video has Marvel fans thrilled

X-Men: First Class star James McAvoy was cutting a rug at the GQ Man of the Year after party. Star Wars actor John Boyega had some praise for his friend after dancing for 3 hours without a real break. The videos are all over Twitter and the result is likely to put a smile on your face. Other things happened during the ceremony, such as the honoring of Andrew Garfield. (Daredevil star Charlie Cox managed to pull a good joke on his friend when he introduced the “third best Spider-Man,” his words not mine!) But when the serious business was over, it was time to hit the dance floor. entered and no one hit the scene quite like the X-Men star. Check out some of the videos for yourself below courtesy of @mcclafloy and @somuchhappenin_.

Comicbook.com asked the actor about a possible MCU return, and he put it all into perspective. “I’m about doing good things, and when I was asked to play Charles the first time, it was good. It was good writing and I was excited,” McAvoy said of his previous experience. “When people offer me good writing I will always be excited, but I feel like I had a good ending with Charles and got to discover some really good things, especially in the first two films I did. for him as a character so when my time is up I’m happy with the time I’ve spent and the time I’ve been given and when good writing comes in and people want to do things with me I’ll always be open to that , but it must be good.”

What do you think of his dance moves? Let us know in the comments!

Unlikely duo

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