X-Force recruits Wolverine and Colossus into the X-Men team

The CIA-inspired X-Men series X-Force adds two new recruits this spring. Writer Benjamin Percy has written X-Force since Marvel relaunched the X-Men line under Jonathan Hickman, and he definitely put this team through the wringer with deep cover. Some of the faithful inside X-Force since the beginning Wolverine (Logan) and Beast have been around, but their relationship has taken a bad turn lately, with Beast killing Wolverine and ruining his resurrection to turn him into a loyal killing machine. Another change is coming X-Force in April, when Logan’s clone Laura Kinney and Colossus are officially added to the series.

Marvel released its April 2023 solicitations including X-Force #39. In addition to being featured on the covers, the invitation to the issue says it’s a “new era” for X-Force as Colossus and Wolverine join the team. Colossus has already played an important role in X-Force and Wolverine just met an older version of himself from The Vault in the pages of X-Men.

Benjamin Percy talks about Wolverine and Colossus at X-Force

CBR asked X-Force writer Benjamin Percy if he wanted to include Wolverine and Colossus in the book. “I can’t say too much because: spoilers,” he replied. But X-Force needs a Wolverine, and if Logan walks away, they desperately need someone to take his place. The thing is, Laura isn’t interested. The Chronicler and Mikhail are about to have a huge problem. for Krakoa, and Colossus is caught in the middle of this design.”

He also talked about the evil turn Beast has taken X-Force.

“This was always the plan. In my pitch, I refer to Beast and Wolverine as the head and fist of X-Force — the chief of intelligence and the chief of field operations,” Percy said. “I have also reported it Warmth and ultimately want to put these two characters on a collision course that would be somewhat equivalent to Pacino and De Niro. They respect each other but can’t stick to each other because their codes are so different. Eventually one will have to take down the other.”

He added: “If you look at number 1 of X-Force, the very first scene after the cold open is about Wolverine and Beast. This is during the honeymoon phase of Krakoa. Beast is harvesting plants and marveling at the biological wonders available to them. But his fascination blinds him to risk, and he is nearly killed by a monstrosity that spawned the island. Wolverine saves Hank at the last second. Just as Logan is about to take out the monster, Beast begs him to “leave it that way.” You can see the glint in both of their eyes right now. Wolverine doesn’t trust this place, and of course he will eventually run away from it. And Beast… well, he’s all in. “

You can find the covers and request for it X-Force #39 below. Let us know your thoughts on the book adding Wolverine and Colossus in the comments.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)
(Photo: Marvel Comics)
  • X FORCE #39
  • Variant Cover by GEOFF SHAW
  • It’s a NEW ERA for X-FORCE, and a new era means new members! Be here when LAURA KINNEY, aka WOLVERINE, and PIOTR RASPUTIN, aka COLOSSUS, join the team. Let’s hope one of them doesn’t have a SECRET set to destroy their teammates…!
  • 32 PGS./Parental Advice… $3.99

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