WWE’s LA Knight just sparked a Bray Wyatt feud on SmackDown

Those who watched last week’s WWE SmackDown will remember that Bray Wyatt eventually met L.A. Knight in a backstage segment, and while things started off cordially (at least on Wyatt’s side), Knight eventually told Wyatt where he started his friendship had to keep and ended up being headbutted by Wyatt as a result. Tonight Wyatt apologized for giving in to his dark side, and it looked like Knight would accept the apology, but that was just a ruse. Knight would eventually slap Wyatt and say they were even, which Wyatt accepted, but when he offered his hand in respect, Knight got another chance, igniting any possible friendship and sparking a feud with Wyatt in the process .

Wyatt came to the ring to talk to the audience first. My name is Bray Wyatt, and lately I’m starting to realize that I’ve been conditioned all my life to be a certain way, and being conditioned for that long makes you feel like change is impossible,” Wyatt said “I was conditioned to be strong. To take. That fear is respect. Lately I’ve started to look at the path I’ve left behind, and when I look at it, it’s covered in ashes and blood, and I’m starting to think why am I doing the things I do?”

“And can I really change. You know, if I was LA Knight, I’d know exactly how I’d handle this situation, and that makes me sad man,” Wyatt said. “But I wanted to come out and do this, and I feel very strongly about it. I wanted to apologize to LA Knight, for what I did to him. I had a moment of weakness and I strayed from my path .”

LA Knight came out and said, “For seven days I performed it over and over again. The cheap shot that was heard all over the world. Your head connects to my chin, and each time it makes me hotter than the last, but now you’re sorry To be honest I’m having a little bit of a hard time because you talked about fear and respect and I’m looking into your eyes now and I don’t know what it is but when I look into your eyes , last week the fact that I wasn’t afraid of you may have earned me some respect Because when I think about it, respect is the rarest commodity around here It’s more valuable than the dollar It’s what I always ever got a hold of me. Now I’m not sure what to make of your apology, but I really think you respect me. And that’s why I just wanted…” Then he slapped Wyatt and said : “now we’re even. and my apology accepted. I can have my way, you yours.”

Wyatt was obviously trying to calm himself down, and finally Wyatt said, “Okay. We’re even, even. Just a second. Look man, there’s a lot I want to do to you, but I won’t, okay. But listen, the decision what you’re about to make now is going to change the rest of your life, understand me. We’re even…” And then he held out his hand to Knight.

Knight hesitated, then slapped him again, and this time Wyatt nearly lost it. Knight taunted him saying “how does it taste, it tastes pretty good, and then went backstage.

It looks like this is the start of a full-blown feud, and I couldn’t be happier. Later, Knight would leave the building, and when he turned for an interview, a masked person could be seen waiting for him in the dark in the background.

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