WWE fans are shocked and confused by Reggie’s Scrypt’s NXT debut

After a long string of cryptic video teases, tonight was the night before Scrypts’ anticipated WWE NXT debut, and no one saw that reveal coming anywhere near. That’s because it turned out to be none other than former 24/7 champion Reggie, who was last seen on Monday Night Raw. Now he has a new character named Scrypts, and WWE fans were absolutely shocked, although they were also confused. That’s because after the mysterious video teases, the character that debuted wasn’t really close to what those would indicate, so while people were in awe of Scrypts’ impressive in-ring maneuvers, they weren’t sure what to make of the character . . You can see some of the incoming responses from the next slide.

When Scrypts came into the ring with an awesome jump over the ropes, people really put it together, and then he started dazzling with more moves in the ring and that sold it further. Fans noticed it was Reggie, and they would even start Reggie chants. Later that night at another game, they’d reignite those Reggie chants as well.

As for the future for Scrypts, you can probably expect another squash to win him over a bit more, though hopefully it won’t be too long before NXT addresses his identity in a promo or in-ring segment. You’ll see the reactions flying in from the next slide, and let us know what you thought in the comments!

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