World Cup atmosphere: 10 productions on streaming for football fans

Platforms have titles telling about the conquest of the fifth, the backstage of this popular sport and the history of players like Neymar, Ronaldo Fenômeno, Pelé and Maradona

Disclosure/Netflix‘Brazil 2002 – Behind the Scenes of Penta’ is available on Netflix

With the world cup from Qatar in full swing, football has become one of the main topics of the moment. The dispute officially started on Sunday December 20 and the grand final is scheduled for December 18. In between one game and another at the World Cup, it is possible to continue streaming marathon productions in this atmosphere that talk about the most popular sport in Brazil. Bee Netflixfor example, has a production about winning the penta in 2002 – the last cup Brazil won –, in addition to a production about Skinone of the greatest players in history, and one left Neymar, the current number 10 of the Brazilian national team. There are also title options in other streams, such as a documentary about the former player. Ronaldo phenomenonon Globoplay, and a series featuring david beckhamon Disney+. Diego Maradona is another athlete who has excelled in football and won a production dedicated to him, which is available on Amazon Prime Video. “El Presidente,” a production that explores the scandal that became known as “Fifagate,” and the award-winning Apple TV+ comedy “Ted Lasso” are other title options for those eager to get a feel for the backstage of football. Check out 10 productions to see during this World Cup period:

1. “Brazil 2002 – Behind the Scenes of Penta” (Netflix)

The documentary “Brasil 2002 – Os Bastidores do Penta”, available on Netflix, shows key events of the 2002 World Cup, which was held for the first time in two countries: Japan and South Korea. The production features unpublished footage and interviews with the Brazilian players who guaranteed Brazil’s fifth place finish.

2. “Neymar: The Perfect Chaos” (Netflix)

The story of the striker and current number 10 of the Brazilian national team can be found in “Neymar: O Caos Perfeito”. In this Netflix production, which presents the player as an acclaimed and highly criticized athlete, he himself exposes the ups and downs of his football career and personal life.

3. “Ronaldo, the Phenomenon” (Globoplay)

The documentary “Ronaldo, O Fenômeno” explains how the former player stood out in football. He became an acclaimed athlete and earned the nickname “Phenomenon” which he still bears today. The production highlights the injuries and frustrations that threatened the athlete’s career but failed to stop the Brazilian. The title is available on Globoplay.

4. “Pele” (Netflix)

Another player who made history in Brazilian football and also won a documentary is Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pelé. The Netflix production depicts the trajectory of the star player who became something of a national hero and achieved worldwide fame for his achievements on the pitch. In parallel, the documentary highlights the turbulent phase Brazil went through at the peak of the player’s career.

5. “Maradona: Conquering a Dream” (Amazon Prime Video)

Argentina’s Diego Maradona is yet another player whose life has been explored in streaming. “Maradona: Conquest of a Dream” is an Amazon Prime Video original production that traces the player’s trajectory in 10 episodes since he lived in the humble Villa Fiorito. Besides his career, the series is about Maradona’s love life and drug addiction.

6. “Hadrian, Emperor” (Paramount+)

With unpublished reports from the former player, “Adriano, Imperador” is a Paramount+ documentary series. The production, which has three episodes, features a candid conversation with the athlete who took part in the 2006 World Cup in Germany. He talks about achievements, personal dilemmas, scandals and his relationship with his family. In addition to the reports, the series contains rare images supplied by Adriano himself.

7. “Beckham: Save Our Time” (Disney+)

Produced by Disney+, the “Beckham: Save Our Time” series sees former player David Beckham return to his origins. He is challenged to spend a season with the Westward Boys, a side from the Echo Premier League, the league in which the Englishman started his career. His mission is to try to save the team, which is in danger of relegation, as it has not won a single game of the season.

8. “Ted Lasso” (Apple TV+)

Starring the Golden Globe winner Jason Sudeikis, “Ted Lasso” is an American comedy about a football coach who moves to England and is willing to coach a football team even without experience. The lack of technical knowledge, which is deliberately hired to sink the team, is compensated by his optimism and willpower.

9. “Bilardo: The Soccer Doctor” (HBO Max)

Carlos Salvador Bilardo was one of the most successful coaches in the history of world football and his life story is told in the HBO Max series “Bilardo: the football doctor”. The plot begins with the appointment of the coach as technical director of the Argentina national team and from that moment on his past begins to be transferred. His coaching phase in Colombia, his career as a gynecologist, Bilardo’s youth and affection are present in the production.

10. “El Presidente” (Amazon Prime Video)

“El Presidente” produced by Amazon Prime Video is a series about the FIFA corruption case that became an issue in 2015. The main character of the plot is Sergio Jadue, director of a football team in a small town in Chile that suddenly becomes head of the Chilean Football Federation. The series won a second season, called “Game of Corruption” and in this order focuses on the story of the controversial former President of FIFA João Havelange.

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