World actress is kidnapped by hooded men in Rio de Janeiro: ‘Two hours of panic’

Jeniffer Dias, who plays the character Thamyres in the ‘Rensga Hits’ series, was returning from Mangueira rehearsal when she was surprised to arrive at her home.

Play/Instagram/@eujenifferdiasActress was returning from carnival rehearsal when she was kidnapped

Actress Jeniffer Dias, who plays the character Thamyres in the series ‘Rensga Hits’, experienced a moment of tension early on Sunday the 5th. Carnival by Mangueira, op Rio de Janeirowhen she was kidnapped. “This morning, when I came back from Mangueira rehearsal, I was surprised by masked and armed men when I arrived at my house. They handed me over, took my car and put me in the other car they were in. I was kidnapped, I was in complete panic under threat for almost two hours,” the actress wrote on social networks, adding that “after that time they left me without belongings and took all my passwords. I managed to reach my family and from there I carried out all the legal procedures”. Dias also reported that he does not have a cell phone and left a warning for his friends in case they receive scams using his name.

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