Woody Allen denies rumor he is retiring and reports serious streaming problem

It was recently reported that Woody Allen decided to retire, and that his next would be his last. However, the 86-year-old director denied rumors about his retirement.

According to the international website Variety, Woody Allen has issued a statement to clarify the matter. He wrote:

“Woody Allen never said he was going to retire, nor that he was writing a new novel. He said he was thinking of not making movies because making movies that go straight or very quickly to streaming platforms isn’t very pleasant for him because he’s such a big fan of the cinematic experience. He has no plans to retire at the moment and is very excited to be in Paris for the shooting of his new film, which will be his 50th.”

How Woody Allen’s Retirement Rumor Started

Drew Barrymore and Woody Allen behind the scenes of Everybody Says I Love You (Disclosure)

News of Woody Allen’s retirement surfaced after he was interviewed by the Spanish magazine La Vanguardia. Allen said, “My idea is basically not to make more movies and focus on writing.” The filmmaker added that his next project will be a novel.

This isn’t the first time Allen has talked about stepping back from the film industry. Earlier in a June interview with Alec Baldwin on Instagram, Allen said he plans to direct “one or two more” movies, but also said “the tension is gone” due to the decline in the movie experience.

Over the course of his career, Allen has received 16 nominations for the Oscar for Best Screenplay. He won four Oscars, including one for Best Director for Annie Hall (1977). Despite his success, he is always known for avoiding award ceremonies.

He became embroiled in controversy years ago after accusations from his ex-partner. Mia Farrow that he had molested his daughter. Allen always denied the allegations and continued to work.

His most recent film was The festival of love, which grossed just $2.3 million in the United States. Earlier this year, Allen described his upcoming movie, Wasp 22as “a kind of poisonous romantic thriller” and compared the film End Point: Match Point from 2005.

Among other films to which Allen is credited are: The Irrational Man, Moonlight Magic, Tricksters and The Jade Scorpio.

Source: Variety

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