Woman arrested after breaking into Robert De Niro’s New York home

According to the website Weekly entertainmenta woman was arrested in New York after she broke into and robbed a house rented by the actor Robert de Niro🇧🇷

Everything happens this Monday (19), around 2:45 am. Shannin Aviles, 30, was seen near De Niro’s property on 65th Street between Lexington and Park Ave.

According to reports, the home’s basement door had signs that the woman was trying to enter and take several items from the home. However, police did not specify what items the woman tried to take with her.

The items stolen by the woman were found by the police under a Christmas tree shortly afterwards.

This isn’t the first time Aviles has been involved with the NYPD, she’s been arrested for theft on other occasions.

At the time of writing, representatives and Robert De Niro have not commented on the theft.

Robert de Niro is one of cinema’s best-known actors and a two-time Oscar winner. Among his greatest successes as an actor are Raging Bull, The Godfather Part II, Awakenings, Eyes That Condemn and the Irish🇧🇷

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