With 36.65% of the votes, Bia Miranda is chosen by Paiol to participate in ‘A Fazenda 14’

Gretchen’s granddaughter narrowly surpassed Claudia Baronesa, mother of MC Gui, by a 0.11% difference

Reproduction / Instagram @biamiranda.oficialBia Miranda, 18 years old, is the new participant of Fazenda 14

From this Thursday the 15th, the house of ‘The farm 14‘ will be complete. The pedestrians André Santos, Baronesa, Bia Miranda, Créu and Suzi came the salvage compete for a spot on the reality show. Fans could vote and choose who they liked the most after four days. The most “interesting” fact about Paiol was the fuss about André and Suzi’s duvet. However, the role of Bia Miranda ultimately predominant. The 18-year-old dancer and model is the granddaughter of Gretchen and sparked a family riot in August. She revealed an argument with her mother over an affair with 40-year-old ex-footballer Adriano Imperador. The prominence of the story outside the home helped the blogger come in with 36.65% of the vote, beating the competitors. In the end, the dispute was fierce with Claudia Baronesa, mother of MC Gui, who had 36.54% of the vote.

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