Winter Wishday Special with delicious new clip (exclusive)

The amazing crew of Hasbro’s My Little Pony returns to Netflix with a brand new winter special titled My Little Pony: Winter Wishday, and we’ve got an exclusive clip and new images from the special right here! The Mane 5 all return for the new special, which debuts on Netflix November 21, and Zipp is voiced by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan from Netflix’s Never Have I Ever and Disney’s Turning Red. As you can see in the clip, Sunny is excited to share her Wishday plans with the group, but unfortunately some things can get in the way of her grand plans. You can watch the new clip in the video above, and you can find more images from the special from the next slide.

The voice cast includes Ramakrishnan (Zipp), Jenna Warren (Sunny), JJ Gerber (Hitch), Ana Sani (Izzy), and AJ Bridel (Pipp), and you can find the official description below.

“Winter Wishday is fast approaching and the Mane 5 are all looking forward to the magical celebration. Sunny can’t wait to exchange gifts with her friends under the wishing star that evening at Maretime Bay, only to discover that each of the Mane 5 also have their own holiday traditions, so they come up with a plan to celebrate everyone’s traditions in one day using Izzy’s latest upcycle project, a flying van they call the Mare Stream!

Together they leave through the snow to their first holiday destination, the house of Hitch’s grandmother Figgy. There they build gingerbread houses and discover that although Hitch assures them that his grandmother is very strict about her holiday traditions, it is he who is bound by his Wishday nostalgia. They then head off to Bridlewood for Izzy’s unicorn tradition of placing her horseshoe on the wishing tree, a stop made even longer by Izzy stopping to tell each pony she sees “icy shivers”, a unicorn’s traditional wishing day greeting.

They race against time and then head to Zephyr Heights to attend the Wishday Carol Concert, which unfortunately takes much longer than expected. When it is finally time to leave, the Mane 5 discover that the snowfall has become so heavy that they cannot find the Mare Stream. With her detective skills and a little help from a book she borrowed from Grandma Figgy, Zipp puts together that the unicorns, not yet used to having their magic back, accidentally cast a spell when they say “icy shivers” to each other . With this intel, the Mane 5 travel back to Bridlewood to stop the blizzard and barely make it back to Maretime Bay in time to exchange their gifts together under the Wishing Star. As the Wishing Star passes by, the Unity Crystals shine brightly from the Crystal Brighthouse and send a rainbow towards it, creating a glorious play of light in the sky above Equestria.

My Little Pony: Winter Wishday premieres on Netflix on November 21, and you can find more images from the special on the next slide!

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