Willow Showrunner Jonathan Kasdan addresses that epic cliffhanger

The season finale of Willow was released this week on Disney+ and it provided many exciting stories for possible future seasons. While the show hasn’t been renewed yet, there were some major cliffhangers in the finale, including Willow (Warwick Davis) and the rest of the party having to leave the Immemorial City, as well as Graydon (Tony Revolori) waking up in what was a dark dimension. appeared and came face to face with a completely different version of Elora (Ellie Bamber). Showrunner Jonathan Kasdan recently spoke with io9 about the finale and addressed the cliffhangers.

“Yes, he is vulnerable to these things,” Kasdan said of Graydon. And one of the big overarching themes of the show is that we all have a little bit of these two things in us, you know? Even less explicit than ‘light’ and ‘dark’, it’s kind of the libidinous side and the idealistic side And he is constantly confronted with the conflict between those opposing feelings within himself and feels vulnerable to the influence of these darker, more evil forces. So yes, he can certainly be a powerful tool for good or evil.”

He added on the big cliffhanger: “I think the battlefield is sort of a promise of some victor in this battle between this being and these forces of light. And how that plays out will depend largely, we hope it’s implied is, from Elora. , and how she feels at the end of this. And one thing that was really fun doing this is that in this fun offshoot of Star Wars, we get to explore what the dark side means, and what it would might be to see what might entice someone to go there and I think it’s something that Star Wars has done to some degree and probably will do more in the coming year but it’s something that we thought there was a chance was to be very specific to this, about someone being tempted into power and easy things that can be tempting for all of us, you know? ‘Money for nothing,'” he said with a laugh.

Kasdan continued: “And that’s why someone in Graydon’s position… and I relate to Graydon a lot at the end of that scene. It’s like if she said that to me, I really would have to decide which way I would go, you know?”

What’s next for Willow?

Kasdan went on to explain Willow and the rest of the party’s ending, saying, “The first season was always kind of about leaving them in Immemorial City, but the story certainly doesn’t end there. [there] not at all.”

“Honestly, I have no idea,” Kasdan said of an extension timeline. “We’ve never been in a dialogue like this before. My marching orders have always been, ‘Go on, young man. Keep coming up with these stories.’ And I’m definitely ready and I love everyone involved, so that’s not a hard job to work on.” He added: “Yes, we have been working very, very hard and we are very optimistic. I mean, sure, in one form or another we’d love nothing more than to go ahead and tell more.”

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