Willow fans are already obsessed with a new romance

The first two episodes of Willow were released on Disney+ yesterday and the show is currently on Rotten tomatoes with an impressive 84% critics rating. Unfortunately, it seems that the new series is being bombed on the site due to the fact that there is a strange romance at the forefront of the story. While there was a strange couple in it AndorKit (Ruby Cruz) and Jade (Erin Kellyman) enter Willow mark the first romance to be central to a Lucasfilm project. Despite the fact that the show has a 38% ratings thanks to some gross trolls, there are many fans who are extremely happy with the romance between Kit and Jade.

“Okay so I just watched #Willow and I’m already in love with them, I’ve already shipped Kit and Jade. But seriously, I’m so glad we’re getting more representation in the mainstream media. Thank you @Lucasfilm,” @w_chivis wrote. “I just need someone to look at me the way Jade looks at Kit #Willow,” @KyloCool630 tweeted. “I’ve watched the first 2 episodes of #Willow and I’m already loving this adorable series. Of course I’m sending Princess Kit and Knight Jade,” @ladiesofcomics posted. “YOU KIT AND JADE HAVE MY HEART,” @senseimorozova shared. “In four minutes I’m already shipping Jade and Kit to finish together,” @BMovies212 admitted.

What does showrunner Jonathan Kasdan say about Kit and Jade in Willow?

“It was something completely organic,” Kasdan recently told me Yahoo! Entertainment. “It wasn’t a decision that was ever made because we thought we needed queer representation on the show or that that was something we planned to do. What was clear was that we wanted a daughter for Madmartigan at the center of this story. , who was torn between two people. One of those people was this person she was obliged to marry and with whom she was not in love. And the other was her best friend, who she was [in love with].”

He added, “It felt very natural – when the pilot came together and the question of who these women are and how they empower the next generation – that that best friend would also be a woman,” he adds. “It didn’t even occur to us that we were making a choice to be in a queer relationship, just as it was a story choice to put Kit in this interesting dynamic of friendships and romances.”

The first two episodes of Willow streaming now on Disney+.

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