William Bonner makes a mistake and is corrected live by a journalist; to understand

Presenter made a blunder when he made an entry in the ‘Jornal Nacional’ to talk about the debate

Reproduction / GlobeWilliam Bonner changed the name of journalists during his participation in the ‘Jornal Nacional’

The host William Bonner committed a faux pas during theNational magazine” on Thursday 29. The anchor of the main news program of the Globe he didn’t direct the journalist last night, but he made a live item about the attraction to explain how the debate between the candidates for the presidency of the Republic he mediated would go. The journalists were on the newsstand Helter Duarte and Ana Luisa Guimareswhat Bonner eventually confused with Ana Paula Araujo, host of “Bom Dia Brasil”. “The second and fourth blocks have randomly selected themes. I will open the topic and the candidate must pose the question to the opponent. It’s after ‘Pantanal’. We’ll be back soon, Helder and Ana Paula,” said the presenter. The journalist then corrected him: ‘Thank you, William, it’s Ana Luísa here. We’re talking now, now.” The error of the anchor of “Jornal Nacional” did not go unnoticed and was commented on by some viewers on social networks. “He called Ana Luiza Ana Paula, did they misinform him?” one follower wondered. “What about William Bonner who misunderstood the name of the presenter of ‘Jornal Nacional’? (laughs),” wrote another. “Bonner confuses two journalistic icons (laughs),” added another.

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