Widow of Erasmo Carlos makes an outburst after the singer’s death: ‘I was the one who died’

Fernanda Aristides said the singer “didn’t want to leave” and that she prepared the house for him to return

Play/Instagram/fearistidesFernanda Aristides revealed her pain on social networks after the death of Erasmo Carlos

Fernanda Aristideswidow of Erasmo Carlos, uses social networks to express his heart after the death of the singer, who left at the age of 81. This Wednesday, the 23rd, she made two publications exposing her pain. In the first, posted overnight, she stated: “Transcended you, I was the one who died! I asked so much, I begged, I begged God, his doctors, I appealed… Vido [apelido que deu a Erasmo], it wasn’t your time, you didn’t want to leave, and God didn’t take you away from me, it was a disease, it was a life, and we know life is some pretty shit some times. I watched you fade between my arms, and I saw you thirsty to live, thirsty to live with me! You lived for me! It was 12 years of meeting. I have always loved you hastily, with desperation, with pain, with blood, with tears, my love is fierce! I have prepared the house for your return. I washed the clothes, I washed the bedding and with that I lost the smell. Love, soon the fragrance! Soon I won’t be able to live without your scent! I searched desperately for where to find your breath, your sweat, the smell of your hair… Vido, you’ve waited 69 years for me… hold on! People will meet”.

This morning Fernanda posted another message for Erasmo. “I woke up and you weren’t there, I renewed the newspaper subscription for you last week… today it arrived on the cover with you,” he began writing. ‘Vido, it hurts so much! You never suppressed my pain, you always said I could cry, suffer… I didn’t understand, I thought you didn’t care, but I noticed you made me grow, you were there to ensure my safety, around so that I only broke the shell of the egg, but was prepared to step in if I got hurt. The widow of “Tremendão” said that after the death of her partner she started to arrange everything on her own: “You take care of that and I take care of this. You always said: I work in production, things are fast, direct! Am I doing the production right, honey? I’m? I called who you wanted? Have I comforted your friends? Your children? Your grandchildren? Your fans? I know when I speak in tears you don’t understand… I don’t cry anymore, baby, I won’t speak in tears for everyone to hear, for you to hear me. You said you loved the melancholy I brought to my eyes, but I smiled with my eyes. Vido, how am I going to smile? Melancholy took over, the smile drowned in pain, in tears, in sadness”.

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