Why Rick and Morty are easy to recast after Justin Roiland

News came down today that Adult Swim and the team joined Rick and Morty cut ties with series co-creator Justin Roiland. Roiland’s pending felony domestic violence case was the cause of this Rick and Morty severing ties with Roiland – a case that only seems to open more and more ugly doors every day.

Whatever the legal outcome, it’s clear Justin Roiland has time for it Rick and Morty has been done, leaving the show with a huge hole to fill, creatively and logistically. Roiland, of course, provided the voices for Rick and Morty’s titular characters – voices that have become distinctly iconic in their own right and are completely synonymous with the show.

That said, despite some early fan reactions and skepticism, it’s possible to keep going Rick and Morty without Justin Roiland – and in fact there are few shows better equipped to make such a massive change.

Why Rick and Morty Eat to Recast after Justin Roiland

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There are several clear paths to that Rick and Morty can take to recast Rick and Morty’s votes, so let’s break those down one by one.

Imitate Roiland’s Rick and Morty Voices – Justin Roiland’s voice work as both Rick and Morty has become so iconic and associated with the characters, that changing those voices might be too shocking for fans. At the same time, any old fan of animation is used to different voice actors taking on the same iconic characters; it’s just long-running animated sitcoms like The Simpsons, family man, and South Park who have reinforced the idea that animated characters should keep the same indelible voices – and that losing an actor (for any reason) is akin to losing the character itself.

However, as some fans point out, the voices Roiland created for Rick and Morty are not SO unique that they cannot be imitated. There are countless videos of even amateur impressionists doing spot-on versions of Rick and/or Morty, so it wouldn’t be too hard to find a professional (or two) who could capture a seamless imitation of Roiland. And since fans know that animated characters can change voice actors, the transition would take some time, with the right actor(s) in place.

Give Rick and Morty new voicesRick and Morty has the distinct advantage of being a series that can easily explain why the main characters suddenly have new voices, and even turn them into pay dirt.

As everyone knows, Rick and Morty delved into ideas of the multiverse, alternate realities, and alternate versions of ourselves long before franchises like Marvel or even the most prestigious awards got involved (see: Everything Everywhere Everything at once). With everything Rick and Morty has played with the meta-story and its own canon (in-universe and behind-the-scenes), it’s not hard to see the show’s creators do the same and take Roiland’s exit directly.

Whether it’s some villain’s plan (Evil Morty, Rick Prime) or some metaplot device where the characters discover something insidious lurking in their voices, the episode can end with Rick and Morty who get an ‘upgrade’, ‘reboot’ or just become alt. universe versions of themselves. Either way, the characters’ new voice(s) could make a debut that leads us all down a path of laughter through this ugly, awkward situation.

What do YOU ​​think is the best way to recast Rick and Morty? Or do you think the show should end with Roiland leaving? Let us know in the comments.

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