Why Pedro Pascal from The Last of Us is so famous

The serials The last of us is the sensation of the moment on HBO Max and has Pedro Pascal in the lead. But although the series is a great novelty, the Chilean actor has been successful on streaming for much longer.

Despite being one of the most promising actors today, getting to where he is hasn’t been easy. Check out some of the artist’s career below:

Know the origin of the actor

Pedro was born in Chile, on April 2, 1975, but he did not have the opportunity to live in his country of origin.

Due to the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet ravaging the country at the time, his family chose to seek political asylum in Denmark, and they traveled there when he was a baby.

Then the family moved once more and decided to live in California, United States. Opportunities began for Pedro Pascal to become who he is today in Hollywood.

He attended the Performing Arts College in New York and for the first time had the opportunity to do theater and even participate in television series.

Pedro Pascal in The Mandalorian (Reproduction)

How Pedro Pascal’s Career Began

In the year 1999, he got the first role in an episode of the series Good versus Evil. In the same year he made further small appearances.

After a long time in secondary roles, the actor got the chance to bring the character of Oberyn Martell to life in the fourth season of Game of Thronesin 2013.

Since then, he has finally earned his place in the sun and has appeared in over 15 film and television productions.

Some of the most important films of Pascal’s career to date are Wonder Woman 1984, The Weight of Talent, The Equalizer 2 and Border operation.

On TV, the actor also became a highlight when he appeared in the series alongside Wagner Moura narcos, in 2015, one of the first Netflix originals.

Pedro Pascal as Marcus Moreno in Little Big Heroes

Pascal split jobs between movies and found time in his schedule to star in the series. the Mandalorian, that is part of the universe Star Wars

The mega production is the most popular on Disney+ and has already confirmed four seasons. The third will be released in March this year and the fourth is already in production.

Last year, the actor was here in Brazil to publicize the first season of The last of uswhich debuted on Sunday at HBO max (15).

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