Why did Glória Maria hide her age? Find out what the journalist said

‘Globo Repórter’ host explained why she kept the mystery and said she didn’t want dates on the tombstone

Play/GlobeThe age of journalist Glória Maria has always been a great mystery

the age of Glory Mary it has always been much speculated about and, while joining in on the fun, the journalist always evaded when asked and kept the mystery until her death. Glória died on the morning of this Thursday, the 2nd, after a battle with lung cancer and brain metastases. He stated in an interview Who in 2019, the host of ‘Globo Repórter’ explained why she didn’t talk openly about her age: ‘There is no time for me. Everyone knows how old I am, it’s an open secret. When I travel around the world, I have to show documents. But this fact takes up no space in my life, for my time is for living. While people ask me that, people get a little older and I don’t.” Glória added at the time that she had a lot to do, such as working and taking care of her daughters, and she saw no reason to think about her age. “If I worry about the weather, I’ll go crazy and run out.”

While participating in the program “Que História é Essa, Porchat?”, also in 2019, Glória was asked by the presenter what she would like to have on her tombstone. “I don’t like to talk about death, but now it is [esse o assunto], let’s go. First, you don’t [coisa] from ‘from year so to year’, which is written on the tombstone. That’s it, out. ‘Born so many and died so often’, no. I would put it this way: ‘The woman who died without age’”, the journalist replied with a laugh. the presenter Maya Silva, who also participated in the attraction, asked if the age that appeared on Google was correct and Glória then said: “Honey, Google says I’m from the interior of a city in Bahia, I’m from Vila Isabel”. In 2014, columnist Leo Dias released an alleged health plan for the former “Fantástico” host, which revealed that she was 54 years old. She denied being that age at the time and later spoke in an interview that she was born in 1959. Young pan did a search on the TSE website – informed the full name of the journalist, that of her mother and the date of birth on 15/08/1959 – and was able to consult the place where she voted. This indicates that Gloria was 63 years old.

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