Who is Elora Danan in new series?

The new Willow series debuted yesterday with the first two installments, and they feature the return of the 1988 film, Warwick Davis (Willow) and Joanne Whalley (Sorsha). In the original film, Willow teams up with some unlikely new friends to protect Elora Danan, a baby who was prophesied to take down the evil Queen Bavmorda and become the Empress of Tir Asleen, Galladoorn, Nockmaar, and Cashmere. The new series takes place many years later and in the beginning of the first episode it is revealed that Elora was hidden for her own protection and doesn’t even know her own identity. However, her true self is revealed at the end of the first episode when she comes face to face with her old protector, Willow. Warning: spoilers ahead!

Elora is first introduced as Dove (Ellie Bamber) who works in the kitchens of Tir Asleen’s castle. She falls in love with Airk (Dempsey Byrk), the son of Sorsha and Madmartigen (Val Kilmer, who does not appear in the new show). When Airk is kidnapped, Dove secretly follows the team assembled to find him, which includes Airk’s sister, Kit (Ruby Cruz). Upon meeting Willow at the end of the episode, the Nelwyn wizard discovers the birthmark on her arm, proving her identity. In the second episode, Willow tries to teach Elora magic, but the young apprentice seems hopeless. However, at the very end of the episode, she teases her magical promise, which will have none Willow movie fan excited about the character’s future.

Is Madmartigen part of the Willow Series?

While Val Kilmer was unable to return to play Madmartigen, Bryk and Cruz both capture the star’s essence playing his twin children. Recently, the duo had a conversation with ComicBook. com‘s Chris Killian, and he asked if there was anything about Kilmer’s performance in the original film that they were trying to “cling onto” to “make it feel more believable” that they were Madmartigan’s children.

“Yes, absolutely,” Bryk replied. “Sure,” Cruz agreed. “Yeah, I think having access to that character was so helpful because we could kind of imagine or imagine, we didn’t have to imagine who he was, but then we could imagine what he was like as a parent , which was a lot of fun… Which we’d admire, which we’d reject, and I mean… I don’t know how much we can spoil.” Cruz then whispered something to Bryk and he replied, “Yeah, I think that’s probably fine.” Cruz continued, “Yeah, and the absence of him was really interesting and sort of allowed our characters — I don’t want to spoil, really.” Bryk added: “It’s also, you see their energy and that’s your parent, so you let it seep in a little bit subconsciously. I think the most conscious way… I know for me personally there are certain action moves or sword moves those were almost exact parallels. Little Easter eggs that I wonder if people will pick them up.”

The first two episodes of Willow streaming now on Disney+.

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