What happened to S Club 7, the British group that was successful on Nickelodeon?

The band S club 7 was one of the biggest pop phenomena of the 1990s, gaining millions of young fans and scoring several No. 1 hits.

now the website daily mail announced that the band will return 25 years later, thanks to an idea from music mogul Simon Fullerthe same man who brought them together in 1998 when the Spice Girls fired him as manager.

It was he himself who called each of the seven stars of the group – Rachel Stevens, 44, Tina Barrett, 46, Jon Lee, 40, Paul Cattermole, 45, Bradley McIntosh, 41, Jo and Hannah Spearritt, 40 – and made it clear that the project would only work if everyone agreed.

It is believed that the band’s comeback will be announced with much fanfare in the coming weeks.

A source close to the project even stated:

“Simon Fuller saw the value of this, S Club 7 has had a huge following of all ages who he thinks want to see out of nostalgia.”

“Their songs were so upbeat and fun, it’s a huge commercial opportunity for all of them, especially Simon.”

With the band planning to come back, it’s worth knowing where the members are going.

S Club 7 in the video for S Club Party (Playback / YouTube)

Rachel Stevens

Rachel was offered a six-figure solo recording after the band broke up and released the hit Sweet Dreams My LA Ex.

She was also successful with the tracks More more and Some girlsbut his solo career came to film in 2005, with his second album.

Then she participated in the Strictly come dance in 2008 it reached the final and finished in second place.

The singer was also a guest mentor at the The X Factor in New Zealand in 2013, and appeared on Celebrity Masterchef and Celebrity Mastermind in 2017.

she joined the Dancing on ice in 2022, but was the third celebrity to be eliminated.

Rachel married her high school sweetheart, Alex Bourne, in 2009. Together they had daughters Minnie and Amelie, but they recently separated, in 2022.

Paul Cattermole

Since deciding to leave the band in 2002, Paul has struggled and went bankrupt in 2015.

He tried signing up for reality shows like I’m a celebrity and Dancing on icebut was told he was not “famous enough”.

He then appeared Loose Women in 2018, when he admitted he ran out of money and had to borrow a shirt for the show.

He has since had a YouTube channel where he reads tarot cards and asks fans for donations.

“You may know me from television, but I now spend most of my time creating all kinds of online content: clairvoyance, sorcery, divination and necromancy are now my main tasks,” he said.

S Club 7 in the video for Bring It All Back (YouTube view)

Hannah Speerrit

Hannah gave up her music career after S Club 7 disbanded and focused on her acting career.

She acted in the movies The Teen Agent 2: Mission London and Chucky’s son.

She also worked on the ITV series Primeval for five seasons, playing Abby Maitland.

She started dating her co-star from primevalAndrew-Lee Potts, in 2008, but they split in 2013.

Having undergone complex breast implant surgery, Hannah is now creating her own holistic wellness cafe in South West London.

Jo O’meara

Jo released her debut song What hurts the most in September 2005 and peaked at number 13 on the UK Singles Chart.

However, her follow-up album was a commercial failure and she decided to turn to reality TV.

In 2007 she appeared on famous big brotherbut was accused of racism against a contestant.

Last year, Jo had to have four surgeries to remove part of a herniated disc in her back.

S Club 7 Announce Bring It All Back Tour (2015) (YouTube Playback)

Jon Lee

Jon transitioned his career from band to theater and did a number of plays such as Les Miserables, Aladdin and Jersey Boys.

In 2010, he decided to come out as gay, telling the Gay Times, “It never had to be a big change that I had to tell everyone about.”

He released his first solo album, Fallen Angel, in 2013, but it was not a great success.

Bradley McIntosh

After S Club 7 disbanded, Bradley formed another band on the show. Totally boy band by MTV, called Upper Street, featuring members of other disbanded groups such as 911, Steps, and Another Level.

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