What Dominique Thorne Learned From Angela Bassett

Marvel actress Dominique Thorne shared the biggest lesson she learned from working with Angela Bassett Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Comicbook.com’s Aaron Perine spoke to the Ironheart star about her trip to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta with Puffs to meet the kids. During the course of the interview, we took a moment to acknowledge the Oscar love the sequel has received and no nomination is brighter than Bassett’s supporting actress. Thorne revealed that the Queen Mother’s on-screen appearance was also accompanied by a sort of calmness on set. She helped set the tone for everyone struggling with the loss of Chadwick Boseman.

“The most important thing I learned from Queen Ramonda herself, Mrs. Angela Bassett … to take your time,” Thorne said. My very first day on set was the scene she and I have in the throne room where I enter the throne room for the first time. What a day! And I think right away I was kind of, of course, so many things went through my head. Just about not just the movie and marvel at all these things. But about the scale of the set, the scale of the movie, the blue screens, all these things. And the moment they said action and we started the scene, it was just such an instant zap back to life. Back to the present moment where she was so connected and so locked in and so in it. She was now Queen Ramonda.”

A calming presence on set during a difficult time

“That, it was like the deepest relief for me to just be with someone who says, ‘Yeah, and now let’s do what we were brought here for.’ Like, yeah, everyone was running around doing their job. Now it’s time for us to do ours. Let’s come over and let’s go,” the Ironheart star continued. “And of course she didn’t say anything extra, nothing more than what was on the page. But with that I feel like I got everything I needed to know because of how focused and locked in she was. Those are my favorite type of actors. You know? That was definitely the lesson. For me, it was to stay focused on the craft.”

Thorne is also committed to inspiring the next generation, not only through her acting, but also investing her time. The children of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta will not soon forget that visit. “The success of the MCU and the growing ways it seeks to accurately represent all of us, regardless of creed and circumstance, is something I am very proud to be a part of.” Dominique said. “So when Puffs asked me to join them and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in celebrating these kids – all of whom are and remain true superheroes despite adversity – it was an easy ‘yes!'”.

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