What does Naruto’s disappearance mean for the series?

Boruto: Naruto next generations has reached a turning point with its latest manga chapter. As Kawaki kept trying to find his place between Naruto and Hidden Leaf Village, he came to (another) drastic conclusion: he is the only one with the power to stop Momoshiki Otsutsuki should he possess Boruto again. In Boruto In chapter 77, Kawaki officially takes his vow to eradicate the plague of the Otsutsuki once and for all – before good people like his surrogate father Naruto are killed by them. However, knowing how much Naruto and his wife Hinata love Boruto, Kawaki also knows that they will never have what it takes to stop Boruto when push comes to shove.

…So to spare Naruto the pain of choosing between father and leader/protector, Kawaki uses his Otsutsuki powers to teleport Naruto and Hinata to another dimension!

What does Naruto’s disappearance mean for Boruto?

First and foremost, this last chapter finally helps to explain from Boruto beginning and the ominous flash-forward sequence that started it. That sequence saw Kawaki and Boruto fighting over the ruins of Hidden Leaf Village in their teens. In battle, Kawaki warned Boruto that if he didn’t surrender, he would send his former friend to the same place he sent Naruto.

For a long time, it was theorized that Kawaki was referring to the afterlife after he killed Naruto in battle. However, it has now been confirmed that Kawaki did indeed send Naruto to an alternate dimension. And if we take the flash-forward as any indication, Naruto could be gone for quite some time!

It’s on now Boruto to now fill in the time span between Boruto and Kawaki and who we know they will be when their respective Karmas and Oustsuki powers are fully developed. How the series works without Naruto will certainly be interesting to see; first we’ll have to see if Kawaki’s actions are revealed to the rest of the characters – and how they react to him when they find out. Why Hidden Leaf ends up going on without Naruto will be a big topic to explain (do they think he’s dead? Lost forever?); however, once we get over the hurdle, the Boruto series will arguably open in a big way.

No Naruto (and his supreme power) means a greater commitment to Hidden Leaf and his Shinobi in the face of the very real threats still out there (Code and the remains of Kara, any other Otsutsuki, any other Shinobi). It also creates a whole new set of character dynamics, as people move to fill Naruto’s void and pick up his slack. More importantly, the relationship between Boruto and Kawaki can finally reach that Naruto/Sasuke level from Shippuden, instead of the “bros” relationship they have now. Naruto fans have been waiting since that first flash-forward to see Boruto deliver on that promise…

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