What changes are there in the BMW 3 Series 2023?

What changes are there in the BMW 3 Series 2023?

The 2023 BMW 3 Series LCI offers updated technology and exterior looks, along with some additional standard features. In case you’re thinking of upgrading, here are all the changes in the facelifted version of BMW’s popular sports sedan.
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The G20 3 Series is an impressive offering in the BMW range.

It’s stylish, well-equipped and offers a great driving experience, but now an updated model is available in the 2023 BMW 3 Series LCI.

Sitting side by side, both cars are recognizable as a BMW 3 Series, but the new model features some subtle cosmetic changes along with technology upgrades.

Here are the revisions you can expect in the LCI (Life Cycle Impulse) update.

BMW 3 Series LCI design updates

The exterior features some subtle improvements to the front and rear of the car.

Up front, you’ll notice sharper LED headlights on all models with a more aggressive front fascia and larger air dam on the M-Sport equipped vehicles.

There are also new wheels and colors. The color you see here is Brooklyn Gray in a metallic finish. Note that Sunset Orange and Mineral Gray are no longer available.

The rear has been slightly revised up to the bumper, while the trapezoidal exhaust, taillights and spoiler remain the same.

In the cabin, the shifter for the eight-speed automatic was replaced with a smaller one. The dashboard layout is tidier as the dedicated climate control panel has now been integrated into the software.

BMW 3 Series LCI Tech Updates

The biggest change in the updated 3 Series is the updated infotainment system. A single curved section of glass houses larger displays for the instrument cluster and infotainment.

For the driver, the 10.25-inch LCD screen has grown to 12.3-inches, while the infotainment has now grown from the same 10.25-inches to a whopping 14.9-inches.

Even more striking is the software change to BMW 0S8, which corresponds to the all-electric iX and the latest hybrid XM.

While the previous version’s infotainment system was feature-packed, it had a very understated theme that lacked color and pop. Climb into the new car and the rich graphics, large icons and expansive canvas of this massive display add flair you didn’t know was missing.

Accessing temperature controls is easy, with both driver and passenger displays always positioned at the bottom of the screen, with additional controls such as heated seats available in the climate menu.

The home screen can be customized so that the widgets can be arranged according to your needs. All functions can be called up using the touchscreen, the BMW iDrive rotary control, steering wheel controls, gesture control or voice commands, among other things.

The new model’s instrument cluster is more colorful and modern than the G20 model. The functionality of the BMW Live Cockpit is similar to what you are used to, but now you have the flexibility to change the display layout.

The latest example is the same 3 Series you know and love – with the acclaimed engine, refined styling and great standard equipment. And now it’s packed with the latest and greatest technology.

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