Wesley Safadão’s wife speaks out after sparking controversy over the maid

“This hate environment created on the internet embarrasses, frightens and kills,” said Thyane Dantas, who made statements deemed racist by many followers

Thyane Dantas has been married to singer Wesley Safadão since 2016

Thyane Dantasthe singer’s wife Wesley Safadao, decided to speak out after being criticized for the way she referred to Raimunda, her maid. Showing the worker, who is a black woman, in Instagram stories, she made the following comment: “Mainha used to say if I got married, Raimunda would be mine”. In the post, she also wrote, “Twenty-three years that’s part of our family.” Thyane’s statements were seen as racist by many followers, as it implied she had won the employee as a wedding present. With the negative consequences, Safadão’s wife returned to social networks and said: “It is a great challenge to perceive our feelings and speech intentions, judged by someone who is very detached and affirms with conviction what is not in us to understand , but to know the legitimacy of the pleaded case, I apologize to those who suffer so much from this misfortune; So I decided to say: Raimunda is one of my most important memories of love, care and trust since my childhood”.

She went on to say that Raimunda is a person with whom she has a “deep bond of respect, appreciation and affection”: “Hence my mistake in using a word that has now been completely taken out of context to create a legitimate agenda, but with the wrong story! This environment of hate created on the internet shames, frightens and kills! I deeply regret the reality of so many who live and suffer under structural conditions and I never want to be part of anything that is not worthy of my neighbor” Thyane also opposed the crimes she receives, saying these virtual assaults are “free and disproportionate,” according to her. “My intention to speak was based on the immense love and affection we cherish between us in this safe family environment, free of the malice that is always echoed by those who engage in legitimate debates that provoke personal attacks and thus fuel aggression,” he concluded.

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