Angelina Jolie Claims Brad Pitt Choked Their Child In 2016

Written by Asley Simon

OCTOBER 5, 2022

Angelina Jolie countersued Brad Pitt over her selling their wine company, saying he tried to stop her from speaking about abuse.

Angelina Jolie has appealed to Brad Pitt's wine company lawsuit. In her statement, she made alarming new claims concerning her ex-2016 husband's flight.

Jolie's lawyers filed a cross-complaint Tuesday. She filed for divorce after a fight on a private plane on September 14, 2016.

Jolie obtained a redacted FBI report about the August incident through the Freedom of Information Act.

"When one of the children spoke up for Jolie, Pitt rushed at his own child," the latest document states.

Pitt jumped into the plane seats to get Jolie off his back. Jolie's back and elbow hurt. Kids ran in and bravely protected each other.

Pitt put his hands around the neck of one of the kids and hit another in the face. Some of the kids begged Pitt not to do it. All of them were scared.

Documents show Pitt "ranted and swore at them" and "poured beer and red wine on Jolie and the children."

The filing says that Jolie "has gone to great lengths to keep their children from remembering the pain Pitt caused the family that day."

Pitt sued to take control over Jolie's finances and force her to work with him again. Jolie had never defended herself publicly on these matters before.

Police listened to what she said and decided not to seek charges. She said this throughout the custody trial. Judge gave Pitt joint custody.