Warzone 2 review bombed on Steam

Call of Duty: War Zone 2 gets slammed by Steam players. Call of Duty: War Zone 2 is out now and while it’s more battle royale in a Call of Duty package, it has a lot of big changes. First and foremost, it’s on Steam. In recent years, Call of Duty has been a Battle.net exclusive, but Activision wanted to make sure that as many people as possible played this year’s game. This led to both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and War zone 2 dominates the charts upon their respective releases, proving that Steam players have been missing out on the franchise since it left the platform.

However, it seems that some players are not happy with the new battle royale. Call of Duty: War Zone 2 gets review bombed on Steam and while some of the reviews have genuine complaints about the game, it seems many of the reviews are just there to hurt the game’s user reviews. The game is labeled “Mostly Negative” in its user reviews section. Several players notice things like crashes, poor performance, poor UI, a phone number requirement, and more. Other reviews are copypastes, memes and more that just seem to be there for the sake of it. This actually makes it a bit more difficult to distinguish the genuine reviews from the disingenuous ones. It’s also kind of easy to bomb this game since it’s a free-to-play game, meaning pretty much anyone can download it according to the Steam requirements and drag it through the dirt without really spending a meaningful amount of time or effort. put into playing it.

Anyway, Call of Duty: War Zone 2 gets real criticism from players even outside of Steam. Fans hope War zone 2 will revert some systems to the way they were in the predecessor. While it shares the same DNA, there are some core changes in movement, certain mechanics, and more that make it less fun for some players.

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