Warrior Nun fans are rallying to push Netflix to renew the series for its third season

Warrior nun fans are on the offensive to get Netflix to renew the show. Season 2 dropped not too long ago and viewers are dying for more. Now it’s pretty much a given that the red brand isn’t going out with just renewing shows. (That said, heavyweights like Stranger Things are basically stamped immediately.) Now the wait begins to see if the strategy to annoy social media administrators will have the intended effect. That could very well be, Netflix also uses strange algorithms to determine what exactly can be considered “hype” for a given title. Watch some of the excitement here as it rolls in.

Here’s how Netflix described the series on TUDUM: “Season 1 follows Ava as she accepts her new status as a member of the Order of the Cruciform Sword, a group of pious women dedicated to fighting an ancient evil. In her past life , Ava was a paraplegic, orphaned after her mother’s death. But when Ava herself meets a similar fate, the nuns resurrect her. When she comes back to life, Ava is branded with the power of an ancient halo – turning her into the Warrior Nun.”

Do you think the series will get another season? Let us know in the comments!

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