Volkswagen electric pickup for the USA as good as impossible – report

Volkswagen electric pickup for the USA as good as impossible - report

The Volkswagen Group is developing a dedicated electric platform for the revival of the Scout brand, but the German company says it has no plans for a battery-powered pick-up truck with a VW badge.

The new Volkswagen boss has thrown cold water on speculation that the German auto giant will launch an electric pickup truck in the US, according to reports from overseas.

In February this year, during a live Q&A session on social media platform Reddit, former Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess fueled speculation that the automaker would be developing an electric pick-up truck based on the popular Ford F -150 Lightning could compete.

This was followed in May by the Volkswagen Group’s announcement that it would be reviving the Scout nameplate – previously owned by International Harvester – for a new line of electric SUVs in the United States.

The Scout brand will focus on an electric SUV when it launches in North America in 2026, although the company also plans to launch an electric pickup truck backed by a new “rugged” platform.

Although the Volkswagen Group is developing its own platform for Scout electric pick-ups, recently appointed Volkswagen CEO Thomas Schäfer said Automotive News The German brand has no plans to use the architecture in its own models this decade.

Above and Above: Digital illustrations of an electric Volkswagen Amarok by artist Theottle.

“Right now, our focus on the line-up isn’t that (an electric pick-up truck),” said Mr. Schäfer Automotive News at the Los Angeles Motor Show last week.

“We have a clear lineup going into the second half of this decade. On the other hand, in the American market, if you don’t play in certain segments, you have to stay in a certain market share range.

“But the question of (Volkswagen’s new rugged SUV platform) is not our priority right now.”

Volkswagen Group of America chief Pablo Di Si believes a new pickup truck “needs to be electrified” if it’s to be considered for the US, though the board’s focus is on the booming SUV market.

“What are the relevant segments in the US? SUVs and pickups. Will we have a pickup? I’ll try it. do we have one now No,” said Mr Di Si Automotive News.

“At the moment my focus is on strengthening the SUV portfolio. I will address pick-ups at the right time, but at the moment I have other issues to deal with.”

Above: Volkswagen sold the Rabbit pickup in the US almost 40 years ago, branded as a Caddy in Europe.

It has been nearly 40 years since Volkswagen last sold a pickup or ute in North America, having sold the Rabbit pickup (a Golf ute) in the US between 1978 and 1984.

Volkswagen released the Amarok in 2010 for markets like Australia, South Africa and South Africa, however the pickup was never sold in North America.

While the first-generation Amarok was designed and built by the German automaker, the upcoming second-generation model is based on the new Ford Ranger.

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