Virginia says she started couples therapy with Zé Felipe: ‘I’m glad he accepted’

Influencer announced on their networks that the idea came from their psychologist to prevent future crises; The couple has been together for almost three years and are the parents of Maria Alice and Maria Flor.

Play/Instagram/VirginiaInfluencer Virginia and singer Zé Felipe have been married for almost 3 years

the influencer Virginia Fonseca announced on Friday the 3rd on his social networks that he started doing couples therapy with the singer Ze Felipe. Even if the action seems negative, the businesswoman stressed to fans that the practice does not mean that the couple is in crisis. “Let me tell you something, Josefino and I, we started couples therapy. I am very happy, because that is Wagner [o psicólogo] he said, we don’t have to worry if we already have a problem, we have to make sure we don’t have a problem. So I am very happy that Zé has agreed to do couples therapy”, he said after the first session. With couples therapy, both hope to avoid future problems in the relationship and make it last longer. “We want our union to be eternal, let’s take care of that,” he said. Recently, both bought a country house in Goiânia and the influencer started sharing the daily renovation of the property. So far, the couple has been together for almost three years – together since 2001 – and are parents to Maria Alice, aged 1 year and 8 months, and Maria Flor, aged 3 months.

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