Viral Chainsaw Man cosplay unlocks Makima’s dark side

The first season of Chainsaw Man is over, but thanks to the fans we can still meet our favorite fighters whenever we want. The hit series has millions of fans worldwide and many of them have perfected their cosplays of our heroes. And now one of the fandom’s top cosplayers is going viral thanks to their take on Makima.

As you can see below, the piece comes true Instagram thanks to Tea, also known as f.ukuro. The pro cosplayer has done all sorts of looks in his day and their anime-inspired pieces are always popular. So when they decided to give Makima a try, well – there was no way fans would miss it.

As you can see, the cosplay is nothing short of gorgeous, showing Makima in all of her predominant light. Dressed in a simple suit, Makima looks stunning with her hair braided back. This cosplay nails every part of Makima, from her expression to her attitude and smoldering look. And of course, the addition of a dog muzzle here would make Denji pass out from sensory overload.

It’s clear that f.ukuro loves Makima as much as any other fan, and they proved it with this detailed cosplay. If you want to see more of their work, you can find the fan’s other looks here on Instagram. And, of course, the first season of Chainsaw Man is streaming in full. Nothing is known about season two at this point, but fans are hoping that the success of the anime will prompt Studio MAPPA to continue the series.

What do you think of this fan’s take on Makima? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or give me a call on Twitter @Megan Peters CB.

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