Video: Idiot burns out in front of the police, busting triple the drink driving limit

Video: Idiot burns out in front of the police, busting triple the drink driving limit

Burning out in front of a marked police car – while intoxicated – is a quick way to have your driver’s license revoked and your vehicle impounded, this Canberra man discovered last week.

Police in the country’s capital have revoked the driver’s license of a 31-year-old Canberra man after the driver suffered a burnout in front of a marked police car – while exceeding the legal alcohol limit more than three times.

In a video taken on Friday afternoon and posted on youtube by ACT Policing, the man’s Toyota land cruiser can be seen slowly driving off the dirt strip onto a quiet street in the suburb of Gilmore.

Against the advice of an onlooker who filmed the incident with a cell phone, the drunk driver burned out as a Subaru Outback Police car approached him from behind.

After the right tire broke for more than 20 seconds, the LandCruiser continues to the nearby intersection of Louisa Lawson Crescent and Litchfield Place, where the following police car activates its lights and sirens.

According to ACT Policing, “The driver returned a positive roadside breathalyzer test; He later returned a positive breath sample of 0.151 — more than three times the legal limit of 0.05.”

“The man’s driver’s license was immediately confiscated and his vehicle impounded,” ACT Policing said in a media statement. “He was also charged with drunk driving and improper use of a motor vehicle.”

Adding to the driver’s stupidity was that he was warned of the police presence before he began the burnout.

In a video posted on Instagram through Brown cardiganthe person who filmed the stunt gone wrong can be heard saying, “Time for a spin cycle,” before concentrating on the police car making a U-turn at the end of the street.

“You mustn’t now,” says the filming man to the driver, seconds before the burnout begins.

As one commenter pointed out, there was a “communication breakdown guys.”

A witness to the event tells journey Police were in the area to deal with an unrelated attack.

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