Victorian Government announce street beautification lightning strike

Victorian Government announce street beautification lightning strike

Roadside graffiti, overgrown grass and weeds are in the crosshairs of the Victorian government and the state faces a major cleanup.

Victoria’s streets are close to one spring cleaning.

The state government has allocated $5.5 million for what it calls a “major maintenance blitz” to help remove graffiti, grass and weeds from Melbourne’s freeways.

Cleanup and inspection work will be performed on the Eastern Freeway, Monash Freeway, Westgate Freeway, Western Ring Road, and Frankston Freeway, as well as other busy and high-profile arterial roads.

Another $2.5 million was allocated to cut roadside grass and spray weeds on hundreds of miles of highways in the Victoria region after above-average rain across the state.

“As well as improving the safety, capacity and connectivity on Victoria’s roads, we are also investing in the look of our road network,” said Ben Carroll, Minister for Roads and Transport Safety, at the announcement.

“Between now and mid-2023, all those trekking the streets of Victoria can count on our crews on duty cleaning up unsightly graffiti, grass and weeds across the network.”

However, despite the newly announced “lightning blow,” the commitment represents less than a 1 percent increase in the $780 million budget earmarked for the rebuilding, repairing and resurfacing of Victorian roads for fiscal year 2022-23.

According to Mr. Carroll, the Victorian government has rebuilt or resurfaced more than 12,000km of roads and has spent an average of $813 million annually on road maintenance.

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