Vampire Survivors Receives Update 1.1.0, Patch Notes Revealed

One of the most surprising hits of the year, Vampire survivorsreceived a new one today update. Since launching in late 2021 through early access, Vampire survivors will continue to receive additional updates on a regular basis. And while the game left early access last month, it looks like new patches will remain commonplace for a bit longer.

Update 1.1.0 for this as of this writing Vampire survivors has been rolled out and is available for download. For the most part, this latest patch for the game doesn’t do much, but it added some new content to the experience. Notably, Patch 1.1.0 adds two new achievements, an additional power-up, a new secret character, and a Challenge Stage to Vampire survivors. What’s included in this update doesn’t change the game in any way, but it should provide players with plenty of additional content to enjoy.

All in all, it will be interesting to see how much continued support Vampire survivors continues to receive. Given that the game has now moved out of the early access phase, it stands to reason that new content updates won’t be rolling out as often as they used to. Once again, Vampire survivors remains incredibly popular, which means chances are developer Poncle will continue to bring new additions

If you read the full patch notes for this new Vampire survivors update, you can check them out below.

New content

-2 additional achievements
-1 New power up
-1 New Challenge Stage

– 1 new secret


-Improved pause menu loading times

New unlock info

Tiny Bridge Challenge Stage:

– Obtained by reaching Level 80 in Inverse Gallo Tower

Seal PowerUp:
– 10 ranks
– base price: 10,000
– Get by banishing 10 or more items in one run.

– Allows to ban an item from level-up choices, or pick one up from light sources. Use in COLLECTION menu.

Sealing a weapon will automatically add it to the banned weapons list at the start of a run. Sealing an item does not remove the item from the loot table, but turns it into a gold coin, meaning that it does not affect the standard drop rates.

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