Valorant Job Listing points to console release

It looks like Riot Games intends to bring valorant to consoles. There is apparently a new job posting posted by Riot Games on the Hitmaker website, and it looks like the developer wants to hire a game design manager specifically for consoles. The job description discusses the importance of anticipating player needs on “all relevant platforms”, and Riot is looking for someone with “experience developing across multiple platforms, PC, mobile and console”. While fans still want to wait for an official announcement from Riot Games, it certainly sounds like it valorant could be coming to PlayStation and Xbox platforms!

“As a Game Design Manager for console, you’ll help develop a vision and guide designers as they introduce VALORANT to new platforms. You’ll be responsible for upholding design principles that define VALORANT on PC while transforming it into the definitive tactical shooter for consoles,” the listing reads. “Through your leadership and guidance, the design team will adapt the highly challenging PC gameplay to work better for a gamepad audience.

The internet age has made it much easier for video game companies to find new employees, but it has also resulted in a lot of information trickling down to fans before any official announcements are ready. Given that Riot is looking for key roles for console versions, that could mean it’s going to take a while valorant is ready for other platforms. There’s just no way to know for sure, but this is definitely an encouraging sign for PlayStation and Xbox fans. valorant has received a lot of attention since it debuted more than two years ago, and a console release could open it up to a much larger pool of players. Of course, there’s no way of knowing if the console versions will feature cross-play, but we’ll know a lot more when Riot Games is good and ready!

For the time being, valorant is available exclusively on PC. Readers can check out all of our previous coverage of the game here.

Have you checked out valorant already on pc? Were you hoping for a console version to come out? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter and on Hive at @Marcdachamp to talk about all things gaming!

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