Valentine’s Day inspired Pop-Tarts Bites are back

With January quickly coming to a close, love is in the air — and in the snack aisle. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Pop-Tarts has brought back their limited-edition Frosted Sweet Swirl Cupcake Pop-Tarts Bites packaged in Valentine’s Day pouches ready to be personalized for sweet messages for your loved one. The treats are now on sale at supermarkets across the country.

According to Kellogg’s, the bite-sized Frosted Sweet Swirl Cupcake Pop-Tarts Bites have the flavor of confetti cake plus pink frosting and red crunchlets for a festive treat. They come in a pack of 28 – perfect for sharing – and have punch cards on the back of the box that are perfect for school parties and sharing with friends. They have an MSRP of $11.49 for the box of 28 pieces.

Pop-Tarts aren’t the only treats rolling out their Valentine’s Day sweets, either. Hostess also recently announced their lineup for Valentine’s Day. This year, the brand presents delicacies that match the strawberry flavor of the season. There’s the Hostess Frosted Strawberry Donettes, strawberry-flavored mini donuts that you can grab and use for a tasty breakfast. They’re covered in a decadent chocolate coating, so they’re just a little bit special too. Then there’s Hostess Strawberry Cheesecake Baby Bundts. The treats are described as delicious mini bundt cakes that are made from fluffy strawberry cake — made with real strawberries — and topped with a tangy cheesecake drizzle. They also come packaged with a personalization section so you can share them with your Valentine.

Finally, there’s the Heart-Shaped Hostess Valentine Ding Dongs, a unique take on a favorite that also includes festive sprinkles and packaging with space for personalization for your Valentine. All three treats are available at supermarkets across the country and on the websites of major retailers.

Frosted Sweet Swirl Cupcake Pop-Tarts Bites are now available at supermarkets across the country.

Will you be checking out Pop-Tarts Bites this Valentine’s Day? What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day treat? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

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