Updates on locker room morale, rumors of the WWE sale

Vince McMahon is back in WWE. The longtime WWE executive returned to the board of directors late last week, citing ambitions to help sell the company. Days after Vince’s comeback, WWE Chairman and Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon resigned from her positions of power, leaving CEO responsibilities in the hands of Nick Khan. This subsequently resulted in Vince being elected chairman of the board of directors himself. Among all this corporate shake-up came the rumble of potential sales candidates, with Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund seemingly emerging as the frontrunner. Despite claims that WWE’s sale to Saudi Arabia was a foregone conclusion, numerous outlets have dismissed those reports.

As emphasized by Conflicting selection, WWE remains “largely in the business of fielding suitors” and a deal with a potential buyer remains far from being reached. That being said, competitive reports that Vince had spoken with Saudi group members during his six-month retirement. That said, many “influential names in the industry” expect Comcast to eventually be the name on the dotted line. Contacts from Disney and Comcast noted that it would be “hard to believe” that a major corporation would want Vince McMahon a share of WWE if they bought it.

Another potential buyer is Shad Khan, the father of AEW President Tony Khan. While it seems unlikely that the Khans would buy WWE, competitive sources note that “it makes sense” that they would throw their hats in the ring for the only reason being publicly linked to a WWE sale is positive.

Despite sales talks being strictly speculation at this point, uncertainty about WWE’s future has invaded the locker room. The morale of the roster has been described as “day and night”, with some rumors that Vince has already “sent to some departments to say they are doing things wrong” since he made his WWE comeback. At the time of writing, WWE Chief Content Officer Paul “Triple H” Levesque is still in charge of the main creative roster, but talents are “still deeply concerned” that Vince may once again take over storylines.

It was previously reported that Vince and Stephanie had problems working together. competitive added to that report, noting that a “usually calm” Stephanie would be “disheartened and frustrated” by the way Vince, George Barrios and Michelle Wilson returned to the board. The move to bring back Barrios and Wilson essentially dismantled Stephanie’s team.

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