Update on WWE allowing NXT wrestlers to run independent promotions

the Wrestless observer‘s Bryan Alvarez dropped a report on Saturday afternoon claiming there was a massive policy change within WWE’s developmental system. Alvarez tweeted that the company would start letting members of the NXT roster work independent promotions, something virtually unheard of outside of the now-defunct EVOLVE promotion. It was later confirmed that Diamond Mine’s Ivy Nile was booked on a Reality of Wrestling show (Booker T’s promotion in Houston on February 11). NXT revenge day on Saturday night that no bookings had been confirmed outside of Nile’s ROW performance, claiming this was a one-time deal.

“From now on, that was really a one-time deal,” said Michaels. “Booker has obviously been very good to us here. It was something he asked for and we obviously wanted to help him with that. Right now that’s out of the question as far as I know. Right now that’s just us booking Booker helped with the show and did what we could to see if we could help.

Dave Meltzer then reported Observer wrestling Radio that Michaels’ statement was technically true, but that the company is already in talks with other promotions.

“I’ll try to explain, Ivy Nile is working on a show for Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling in a few weeks,” said Meltzer (h/t WrestlingNews.co). “Right now the reality of wrestling because of Booker T isn’t… Shawn Michaels actually said it’s a one time thing. As far as I understand, in regards to Reality of Wrestling, over time they expect to see some NXT stars get bryan had posted a tweet and bryan is broadly correct that several other companies have been talked to thinking they might be able to get nxt stars but the booker t thing should go well going well there are other companies and I think they focus on companies that have a good relationship with AEW and see what they can do that’s part of it of course they would theoretically be willing to send NXT talent to some independents at maybe.. . companies have been spoken to whether it eventually happens or not, we don’t know.”

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