Twitch Streamer Banned For Showing Feet

A Twitch streamer named Justketh was recently banned for showing her feet. Twitch is a very interesting little website that constantly seems to be the center of controversy. While it started as a site where people could stream themselves playing video games and a community of people watched, it has evolved dramatically over time. Now it is just a live streaming platform where people show their lives, do other activities and so on. However, as it has expanded, it has also opened up to other issues. Rules are not always clear, inconsistent prohibitions and punishments (sometimes justified, sometimes confusingly unjustified), and much more.

The latest incident comes when Twitch streamer Justketh was banned after showing her feet on stream. While feet are a pretty standard body part and can often be quite visible depending on where you are or what the weather is like, they are the subject of some sexual fetishes. So Twitch gave Justketh a three-day suspension for “offering sexual content” after showing off her feet, which were an item on a wheel she was spinning for those who donated $20. Although it was meant as a joke, noted Dexerto that “fetishistic behavior or activity, such as focusing on body parts for sexual gratification or erotic role play”. against Twitch rules, especially in exchange for money. While feet aren’t necessarily sexual body parts, it seems Twitch doesn’t want people to focus on them in this context given the fetishization.

As of now, Justketh has been banned for a day and unlike some other users, it seems she won’t be unbanned early. As long as nothing changes, she should be able to resume streaming later this week. So it seems there is now a precedent for not showing feet on Twitch streams in a context that is rewarding or sexual. Of course, most streamers are at home, so they won’t be wearing shoes, but don’t flaunt them or risk a ban.

Do you think Twitch is taking this a bit too far? Let me know in the comments or give me a call Twitter @Cade_Onder.

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