TV presenter is threatened with death by hotel employee: ‘I’m going to slit your neck’

The host Ryan Clark recently told of the time he received a death threat from a hotel employee who warned him that he would slit his neck while he slept.

On Instagram, Clark, who has participated in Celebrity Big Brother and The X-Factor, commented:

“I don’t care if anyone calls me talentless. I’ve got money in the bank, I’m fine honey.”

Rylan Clarke on The X-Factor (play)

“But if someone says, ‘I’m currently seeing you on the balcony of your room, 401, and I have a key card because I work here and I’m going to slit your neck while you sleep,’ you sit back and think, f** k**, this is already too much.”

In addition to the death threat, the presenter is still facing a difficult time after her painful divorce from ex-husband Dan Neal, the website reports. daily mail.

The couple separated in July 2021 after six years of marriage. Rylan confessed in his book, Ten: The Decade That Changed My Futurewho cheated on Dan during their relationship but had his reasons for doing so, believing him to be inadequate for years.

He wrote:

“I have no excuses for what I did then, but I had my reasons. I think for years I felt like a bit of an impostor. That nothing I did was good or not good enough.

“There have been times when people told me this, confirming my own doubts.”

Rylan Clarke on The X Factor (play)

Rylan Clark denied new romance after fans mistook chocolate bar in photo for another man’s leg

“I eat chocolate and I left it on my leg. It’s not a chocolate ice cream pack. Unfortunately it’s not someone else’s leg.”

The post that caused a stir was a photo of Rylan relaxing on the couch with a Galaxy bar on her leg.

He then captioned the post with the phrase “I’m just well done” before fans actually believed the leg belonged to another man.

On Christmas Day, he shared a photo of himself wearing a gray Nike sweatshirt and making a cool sign. His followers at the time also thought he was with someone else, but he was alone.

In the summer of this year, Rylan dated star Declan Doyle, but the romance didn’t last long and they broke up within a few weeks. The presenter has remained single ever since.

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