Troy Baker discusses The Last of Us Episode 4, casting, games and more

After episode 4 of The last of us, The last of Pods has released its fourth episode discussing the HBO series. The ET and ComicBook recap show features a special guest interview with Week, as Troy Baker sat down with Ash Crossan and Brandon Davis to talk about the TV series, the games and more. Baker was the original actor who played Joel The Last of Us Part I And The Last of Us Part II before the popular video game franchise became a hit series on HBO starring Pedro Pascal in the live-action version of the role. Baker’s resume as a voice actor runs deep, but he’ll add another credit to his acting as he’s due an appearance in an upcoming episode of the TV series.

“It’s surreal,” Baker said of the experience of revisiting The Last of Us as it rolls like a TV series. “I had this one moment when we were shooting my episode, and I’m on set in this beautiful, very cold location… I’m at this beautiful river, and it’s cold, and I just chuckled, and the person I’m next to says, “What are you laughing at?” It’s a very serious scene that we’re going to do. I was like, “If you could go back 12 years to the version of me that came into that audition on that soundstage, and go, ‘Just to let you know, this is going to be the biggest thing you’ve ever done in your life, and you’re going to be standing here on a set of what’s going to be, I think, one of the greatest TV shows ever, ‘I never would have believed it.'”

The fourth episode of The last of Pods aired on the YouTube channel and is available on all major podcast platforms. Links to subscribe and view The last of Pods can be found below!

The last pods is your QZ for all things The last of us. The series is hosted and produced by Crossan (Entertainment tonight) and Davis ( The last pods joins’s growing portfolio of engaging and highly targeted podcast content, following the cover-all series ComicBook Nation hosted by Kofi Outlaw, Janell Wheeler and Matt Aguilar, the Marvel centric Phase zero series hosted by Davis, Jenna Anderson, Aaron Perine and Jamie Jirak, and the Pokemon-centric show A wild podcast has appeared presented by Megan Peters, Jim Viscardi and Christian Hoffer.

The last pods strives for an enthusiastic audience of The last of us fans, both those who have played the popular video game and those who are embarking on the new TV series with no knowledge of the source material. Episodes will regularly compare events in the series to how they happened in the games, discuss the making of new episodes with cast, writers and directors, and save spoilers for what happens next (according to the games) for the end of each episode! Clear warnings will be given to keep those ears immune to any spoiler bites! The first two-thirds of each episode is a safe zone for those unfamiliar with Ellie and Joel’s video game journeys!

Subscribe to the podcast feeds and video channels now to be notified when new episodes are available! For constant updates about The last of us and guest news The last podsto follow The last pods on his official Twitter account, @TheLastofPods.

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