Transformers fans will love the first Rise of the Beasts trailer

The Transformers franchise is getting a whole new story era with the new movie Transformers: Rise of the Beastsand so far fans are loving it!

Now that the Transformers: Rise of the Beasts trailer is here, fans got their highly anticipated first look at how director Steven Caple Jr. a new (and many will be a better) view of the Transformers mythology in live action. This time the fan-favorite series from the 90s Transformers: Beast Wars gets a live-action spotlight, and much of this new movie will live or die based on how fans react to this particular take on the Beast Wars characters – as well as their connections to what is clearly a larger franchise storyline taking shape.

Here’s what Twitter says about the Transformers: Rise of the Beasts trailer:


That sure was a great trailer. Possibly the best of the entire Transformers movie franchise.

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All my Maximals

They really did. They brought us all our Beast Wars favorites that look pretty cartoonish while still being believable (and intimidating) in live action.

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Is restart?

Admittedly, there are still some big lingering questions about how many new ones Transformers movies we get, and what continuity they fit into. Obviously the fandom knows it.

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