Tom Cruise actress chased by church: ‘Ridiculous’

Brooke Shields tore up the verb and said that Tom Cruise should care more about making action movies than getting involved in subjects he knows nothing about.

The actress, who received a standing ovation at the Sundance Film Festival (via Variety), where he presented his new project, the documentary Beautiful Baby: Brooke Shields, discussed the topic when remembering seizures he suffered from the star of Top gun: Maverick.

It all started when Brooke shared her experience with postpartum depression in her book Down Came The Rain: My Journey Through Postpartum Depression. Tom, who is part of Scientology, an anti-drug religious organization, and accused her of being “dangerous.”. She said

In the film portraying the actress’s explicit sexualization since childhood, and how this is a portrait of how society views women, he recalled and reflected on the situation as something “ridiculous.”

Brooke Shields (Play Instagram)

During the question-and-answer session after the film was shown, the actress explained that it is necessary to expose traumas so that they do not go undefeated forever.

“I have always had to be as honest as possible as one of the essential parts of my journey. Not only for the people in the world, but also for myself. I didn’t want to be shut down, and the industry is trying to make you that way. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss that.”

Hollywood doesn’t treat older actresses with respect, Brooke says

In another interview, he gave the star of last year The blue lake found herself excluded from the film industry, which often sees women as expendable.

Brooke Shields (player)

“I still have my career, I still work, but here I am shocked at how underrepresented I am. Either you’re in your early twenties and sexy and fabulous, or you’re wearing adult diapers and dentures. From the age of forty, we begin to live our lives, but then they take us out of the market. He’s ready. And once it’s over, you stop working, you’re taken out of the game. It makes me crazy.”

Beautiful baby: Brooke Shields There is still no official release date announced in Brazil.

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