Tokyo Drift Legacy Trailer Released

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift just got a legacy trailer leading up to Fast X. Vin Diesel and Universal set the full-court press ahead of the massive sequel. As part of the promotional push, they recreated trailers for previous entries in The Fast Saga. This time it is a film that is seen as the odd one out in the beloved film series. Tokyo Drift barely features Diesel and features more of Sung Kang’s Han than many of these films. Also the main roles in the feature film are Fast 9 cameos Lucas Black, Bow Wow and Jason Tobin. The core crew battled Brian Tee’s rogue DK for mountaintop supremacy. Watch the retrospective of mid-August here in the trailer.

Tokyo Drift’s legacy within the franchise

The LA Times caught up with the returning cast F9. “I really thought Han was put to rest; there are vigils, there is a tombstone. How many pictures do you see of Han’s grave?” Kang revealed, before mentioning that the “Justice for Han” fan campaign played a big role in the yield. “I can’t believe he’s back. Even as the actor playing him, I’m like ‘How did this happen?'”

“I wanted to portray that side of Sean that he learned from Han, that he learned life lessons and wisdom,” agreed Black. “I wanted there to be some kind of meaning in how he became part of the team and part of the family.”

“My first reaction was, who the f*ck is Earl!?,” Tobin said of an email he wrote in response to Justin Lin when the director contacted him about the prospect of returning. “It was 14 years in between Tokyo Drift And F9, and in those intervening years I had experienced all the ups and downs of being an actor, moments when I felt I was a million miles away from my dreams. Not once did I think I’d be back in the franchise.” Tobin added, “I was really surprised when the first trailer came out, how many fans remembered me and quoted lines back to me… I didn’t realized that my character had meant so much to people.”

“A lot of them hadn’t worked with the other actors,” Kang said of his Tokyo Drift co-stars. “I know everyone, so I was like the connective tissue. I wanted them to feel welcome, like, ‘This is your home too. You’re part of this house, this family.'”

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