Tokyo Celebrates Ash’s Big Win

pokemon saw Ash Ketchum score his biggest win in the long 25 years the anime has been running with the latest installment, and Tokyo went all out with a huge party for the Pokemon Master to honor his big win! Pokemon Journeys has pitted Ash against his toughest battles yet as he traveled across the Pokemon world to take on not only many familiar faces from his past, but many new foes, fans have been hoping to see him battle for a long time. But when he reached the final of the World Coronation Series, the anime finally went through and he became the champion.

Ash may have won a League Championship in Alola, but winning the World Coronation Series Masters Tournament is his biggest win in the anime to date. Ash became the world champion after first starting his travels in the anime 25 years ago, and it’s as big a win for fans around the world as you’d expect. For example, it’s so big in Japan that Pokemon took over Shibuya with the special news that Ash has become a Pokemon Master. Check it out below as shared via the Pokemon’s official Twitter account:

What’s next for Ash in Pokemon’s Anime?

Of Pokemon Travel to bring Ash’s adventure to a close with his World Championship win, there is a question as to what the anime would have planned for the now master next. With his goal of becoming the best finally accomplished, what could he want next? The latest anime has already experimented with shifting Ash’s focus for a few episodes here and there, so that could be the direction for the future of the series as Ash will only improve from here on out.

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It’s probably far from the end for the Pokemon anime franchise in general (especially with a new generation of games coming out within days of writing), so Ash’s win heralds a whole new kind of future for the anime because there really is no way to predict what this new master will do next. But what do you hope to see come of Ash’s world championship win? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even contact me directly about anything related to animations and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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